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Miami, FL (December 2009) The world’s first music social network & new artist talent search goes live

In 2010, music will enter a whole new digital revolution with the unveiling of NewArtist.com. The Internet age has already transformed how we produce, buy, share and enjoy music, but the true potential of the information superhighway is about to be unleashed on the music industry. NewArtist.com puts music’s star-making power back in the hands of those who matter most – musicians and listeners.

"You are the next star"
NewArtist.com is the world’s first social network dedicated to exposing rising musicians to new fans. Unsigned acts can create a free online profile and within minutes they can upload original tracks for users to discover and vote on. MySpace Music connects people before connecting them with the music. Other music hosting sites don’t feature robust social networking capabilities. Only NewArtist.com features the best of all worlds: Listeners will discover your music organically based on their tastes, become fans, connect with you on our social media platform and then have the chance to vote you into stardom.

Musicians no longer have to wait to hit it big – now they can get a shot at real fame by joining the world’s only music-lover’s social network, New Artist.com.

"You pick the next star"
NewArtist.com is the world’s first music-lover’s social network that connects fans with undiscovered artists, so you can find, share and vote on the best new music. Don’t buy into the music industry – influence it. Members can create a free online profile and within minutes meet friends and new artists, find events, share playlists, get custom suggestions based on their tastes, and most importantly – vote on what music they believe should be the next big thing.

The most revolutionary feature of NewArtist.com is our New Artist Contest. Unlike major network TV shows that manufacture the next pop star; users take control by getting access to true up-and-coming artists whose music they can shoot to fame with the power of votes. Now that’s change we can believe in. Our members will be the ones discovering tomorrow’s biggest stars, and winners will receive backing from OnlyArtist.com – our online record label affiliate that provides a fresh new outlet for acts discovered on NewArtist.

Free music, real freedom. NewArtist.com The World’s First Music Social Network & New Artist Talent Search

Our Halloween Launch Party was a Great Success
Miami, FL (November 1, 2009)

The launch for NewArtist.com was a huge success. The website is up and running (Beta 1.0) where Artists & Voters can now register free of charge, upload their own Music, Photos and connect directly with friends and fans. NewArtist.com is set to become the World’s Premiere Online Talent Search, with the first Artist Competition beginning December 5, 2009. This is a highly anticipated event for Musicians all over the world.

The party for NewArtist.com was also a smash hit! Guests were treated to an exclusive VIP party held at the infamous, Cameo Nightclub in South Beach, FL. Since then, NewArtist.com has been inundated with requests for invitations to our second launch party and Artist competition on December 5, 2009. While you're waiting for our second Christmas launch party December 5, 2009 make sure to familiarize yourself with the site. Artists, be sure to upload your best tracks, videos, pictures and bio to ensure that you're ready for the start of the music competition. Make sure to check out the pictures from the wild Halloween Launch Party!